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TOFU - ¡Hola! ¡Me llamo Tofu! ¿Quieres jugar a la pelota?

Un perro enérgico y divertido, Tofu fue abandonado en las calles antes de ser llevado a la perrera. A Tofu le encanta jugar a la pelota y correr, puede ser un poco posesivo con su pelota, así que necesita aprender algunas normas, pero cuando hay una pelota de tenis por ahí, ¿quién puede culparlo? ¡Quizás puedas ser la persona que le ayude a aprender! Se lleva bien con otros perros y personas. Tofu se adaptaría muy bien con una familia activa.


An energetic and fun dog, Tofu is a male crossbreed approximately 3-4 years of age on arrival in February 2017, yet another dog found presumably abandoned on the streets before being brought to the pound. Tofu loves to play ball and run around - he can be a little possessive with his ball so needs to learn a few manners, but when there is one tennis ball to go round who can blame him? Perhaps you can be the person to give him his own supply! He does get on with the other dogs and people but really needs a home as an only dog as he would like his human all to himself.

Approximate weight: 25kgs Approximate height: 57cms.


Tofu has now been at the pound a long while and has his battle scars, incuding losing part of his ear, this is not uncommon in overcrowded pounds such as this. Tofu still loves playing with his ball and enjoys fuss when volunteers play with him at patio time, but these interactions are rare and he is starting to lose his spark. We know that Tofu would be very happy in a home and would be so loyal and loving. Can you open your heart to this active, fun boy?

Tofu is available for adoption in Germany, UK, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Spainand many other countries. Homecheck and adoption fee apply. Adoption fee includes neutering, passport, microchip, all vaccinations, blood tests to screen for diseases, worm and flea treatment.

genero:Macho raza:Cruce altura:57 cm peso:25 kg adulto Fecha nacimiento aproximada:08/2014(5 años, 1 mes) Fecha llegada:26/02/2017(2 años, 6 meses)





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