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La perrera se hizo cargo de Talco en enero de 2022 y tenía aproximadamente 3,5 meses de edad. Es un mestizo. De adulto será probablemente de tamaño grande.

COMO ADOPTAR: https://www.perreradelosbarrios.com/como-adoptar-perro/

Talco came into the care of the Los Barrios pound in January 2022 and was about 3,5 months old. He is a gorgeous cross breed. He will probably be big sized as an adult.

Talco is in foster, this is what the foster mum tells us: Talco is the sweetest and happiest wee soul.

ALWAYS happy, VERY social with all dogs, generally all animals (he has no fear).. he wants to play with everyone he comes across! He loves being a part of the pack. He is very loving.. plenty of kisses and cuddles, especially when he's sleepy and when he wakes up. He loves to be in the water.. rivers, sea and his favourite is muddy puddles!!

He is fantastic with children. Very gentle. The kids love him. The adults love him.

I get stopped regularly by people wanting to meet him - the general consensus is he's a 'muy bueno perro'.

Many people would love to take him but the timing is always wrong!

genero:Macho raza:Cruce cachorro Fecha nacimiento aproximada:09/2021(9 meses, 29 días) Fecha llegada:03/01/2022(6 meses, 15 días)








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