Marsela - perro adopción Cruce

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Marcela llegó a la perrera en octubre de 2020 y tenía aproximadamente 2,5 años de edad a su llegada. Ella es una mestiza que fue encontrada vagando por las calles y llevada a la perrera.

Marcela arrived at Los Barrios pound in October 2020 and was about 2,5 years old on arrival. She is a gorgeous cross breed that was found presumably abandoned in the streets and brought to the pound.

This pretty girl was scared of people when she first arrived, but after just a couple of days, she has started to settle and comes to you for cuddles and likes to have a treat. She is also starting to invite for play, so she is definitely getting better. She is good with the other dogs at the pound.

genero:Hembra raza:Cruce altura:62 cm peso:20 kg adulto Fecha nacimiento aproximada:04/2018(2 años, 6 meses) Fecha llegada:28/10/2020(23 días, 21 horas)




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