Lucera - perro adopción Cruce

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Lucera llegó a la perrera en augosto de 2020 y tenía aproximadamente 12 meses de edad a su llegada. Ella es una mestiza que fue encontrada vagando por las calles y llevada a la perrera.


Lucera arrived at Los Barrios pound in August 2020 and was about 12 months old on arrival. She is a gorgeous cross breed that was found presumably abandoned in the streets and brought to the pound.

Lovely Lucera gets on with everyone, dogs and humans alike. She was found with a very thin layer of fur as it seems much had fallen out due to an infestation of fleas but she now looks so much better. She is a happy-go-lucky girl who would really appreciate the comfort of a soft bed and the love of her forever family.

genero:Hembra raza:Cruce altura:50 cm peso:25 kg cachorro Fecha nacimiento aproximada:08/2019(1 año, 1 mes) Fecha llegada:25/08/2020(1 mes, 13 horas)






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