Kiara - perro adopción Cruce

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▶ Kiara llegó a la perrera en mayo de 2022 y tenía aproximadamente 7 meses de edad a su llegada. Ella es una mestiza que fue enctregada.

▶ Kiara arrived at Los Barrios pound in May 2022 and was about 7 months old on arrival. She is a gorgeous cross breed that was handed in.

his beautiful girl has been dumped at the pound with no reason given. We imagine the cute, tiny puppy grew up and as everything seems to be disposable in the world we live in, she’s just been handed in with no further thought. After living in a home she doesn’t understand now why she is spending 24 hours a day in a small cage. She is an affectionate girl that loves people and gets on well with other dogs. She is an active dog so needs a family that will have time to take her for nice long walks and stimulate her mentally. A really sweet girl.

genero:Hembra raza:Cruce altura:50 cm peso:17 kg cachorro Fecha nacimiento aproximada:10/2021(8 meses, 12 días) Fecha llegada:04/05/2022(1 mes, 12 días)




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