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Funny - el perro invisible...

Funny llegó a la perrera en abril de 2018 y tenía aproximadamente 2 años de edad a su llegada. El es mestizo que fue entregado por su dueño.

Funny es un perro grande y es muy guapo, pero parece que nadie lo ve, como si esta invisible ... Es un niño bueno y activo, le encanta jugar con una pelota cuando está en el patio. Vive en una jaula con otros perros (machos y hembras) sin problema.

Tambien Funny le encanta salir a pasear y esta muy bien en la correa.

Funny - the invisible dog

Funny arrived in April 2018 and was about 2 years old on arrival. He is an handsome crossbreed who was handed in by his owner.

Funny is a big handsome dog, but it seems like nobody really sees him - like he is invisible... He is a good and active boy, he loves to play with a ball when he is out on the patio. He lives in a pen with other dogs (males and female) without any problem.

Funny loves to go out on a walk, but unfortunately that does not happen so often. Not long ago he was out on his first walk in a very long time with his doggie friend Tofu. Funny was a bit insecure at first, and the big boy was trying to hid himself behind the dogwalker :-) But after a couple of minutes he was fine. He was great on the lead and was happy to stop for a little cuddle and treaties. Funny had a great time sniffing around in the grass... We hope that his perfect family will show up soon, but until that happens, please come and take this lovely dog out for a nice walk...

genero:Macho raza:Cruce altura:70 cm peso:30 kg adulto Fecha nacimiento aproximada:04/2016(3 años, 10 meses) Fecha llegada:06/04/2018(1 año, 10 meses)










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