Dylan - perro adopción cruce Pastor Belga

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▶ Dylan llegó a la perrera en noviembre de 2023 y tenía aproximadamente 2 años de edad a su llegada. Él es un mestizo que fue encontrado vagando por las calles y llevado a la perrera.

▶ Dylan arrived at Los Barrios pound in November 2023 and was about 2 years old on arrival. He is a gorgeous cross breed that was found presumably abandoned in the streets and brought to the pound.

He is a cross-bred Belgian Malinois. He weighs 26kg. Dylan is a cheeky, energetic dog, motivated by play, more than food. If he has access to land, he will run around and explore for hours. He’s not really interested in other humans whilst on walks, but he loves to play with other dogs. Getting a chase from another dog or human is his favourite game. He has never been aggressive with humans or other dogs. He doesn’t slobber, or smell, and his medium thick fur coat doesn’t malt as much as you’d expect. Dylan’s breed is very intelligent, so he will need stimulation and exercise, but he can also spend hours sunbathing in the garden, or sleeping quietly in his bed after a walk. He hasn’t lived with cats or young children before, and will need to be trained if this becomes part of his new environment. He doesn’t like to be left alone for long, and benefitted from his last owner working from home, so again, he would need to be trained for longer periods of separation. Dylan is a great match for someone who wants to look after a playful, loving dog, who would like an exploration companion, or company for an existing dog of a similar nature.

genero:Macho raza:cruce Pastor Belga con Cruce peso:26 kg adulto Fecha nacimiento aproximada:10/2021(2 años, 25 días) Fecha llegada:05/11/2023(4 días, 10 horas)




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