Drogo - perro adopción Cruce - [ADOPTADO]


Drogo was handed into the pound with his mum and 5 baby siblings. Within days a fabulous foster home was found and all the pups grew up with their mum. one by one all the other pups have been adopted and mum has also found herself a new home too, and poor Drogo is the only one left looking for his forever family. Although he has been lucky as he is now in another foster home with one of his brothers who is waiting to travel to the UK. Drogo has been brought up with other dogs and cats and is sociable with people. He is lucky enough to have only spent a couple of days when he was at the pound as a baby. He is sociable, playful, funny and well balanced as all puppies should be and used to children. We feel that a home with other dogs would suit him best as he has always been with other dogs and enjoys their company.

genero:Macho raza:Cruce altura:35 cm peso:7 kg cachorro Fecha nacimiento aproximada:05/2019(1 año, 1 mes) Fecha llegada:30/05/2019(1 año, 1 mes)






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