Cote - perro adopción Cruce

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Cote llegó a la perrera en septiembre de 2020 y tenía aproximadamente 4 años de edad a su llegada. Él es un mestizo que fue encontrado vagando por las calles y llevado a la perrera.

Cote arrived at Los Barrios pound in September 2020 and was about 4 years old on arrival. He is a gorgeous cross breed that was found presumably abandoned in the streets and brought to the pound.

Cote is one big happy boy, he has no idea how big he is, when he is jumping happily around :-) He absolutely loves people, he loves attention and lots of cuddles. When you go to his crate, he can't stand still, he is so excited if you are going to give him a treat or maybe even let him out for a run. Please make an appointment and come and meet this gorgeous boy.

genero:Macho raza:Cruce altura:65 cm peso:35 kg adulto Fecha nacimiento aproximada:09/2016(4 años, 1 mes) Fecha llegada:30/09/2020(1 mes, 21 días)




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