Corsaria - perro adopción Cruce

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▶ Corsaria llegó a la perrera en octubre de 2022 y tenía aproximadamente 4 meses de edad a su llegada. Ella es una mestiza que fue encontrada vagando por las calles y llevada a la perrera.

▶ Cosaria arrived at Los Barrios pound in October 2022 and was about 4 months old on arrival. She is a gorgeous cross breed that was found presumably abandoned in the streets and brought to the pound.

Corsaria is in foster and they tell us (27/11-22): Corsaria, a beautiful bouncy bundle. This girl is full of energy and love! She is more than happy to be handled and loved on. She is growing fast and will be medium-sized when fully grown. Currently, she is around 9kg and 6 months old. As you can see she has an issue with one of her eyes, she is undergoing treatment at the moment for this. It doesn't bother her at all, it may as well not be there. She has no daily set backs from it. We have had her for just over 2 months and she is a delight. Corsaria will brighten every single day with her happiness and affection.

genero:Hembra raza:Cruce altura:30 cm peso:6 kg cachorro Fecha nacimiento aproximada:05/2022(6 meses, 6 días) Fecha llegada:22/09/2022(2 meses, 6 días)



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