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ARNOLD es un peluche gigante, vivía felizmente con su manada en una finca abandonada, comían lo que les llevaba aquellas personas que se compadecían de ellos, pero un día la policía decidió que así no podían seguir viviendo, había machos y hembras adultos y las camadas eran continuas..

Su llegada a la perrera fue para él un trauma, llegó en un estado lamentable, se ha adaptado bien, pero aún sigue siendo un perro muy tímido....

ARNOLD necesita un hogar donde lo quieran y estén dispuestos a tener paciencia hasta que pierda su miedo.


Beautiful crossbreed Arnold was born on a farm in the countryside along with four other siblings. He has been at the pound since April 2016 and was approximately 1-2 years old on arrival. It took a long time to be able to catch him as the puppies and their mother had been left to fend for themselves, rummaging in bins for food, only Arnold and one of his brothers were able to be caught. He weighs approximately 40 kgs and is about 70cms tall. He gets on well with the other dogs and has a gentle and shy nature, although he is timid with people.


Arnold has now been at the pound for almost 3 years and is still very fearful of people. He does not like being stroked and avoids eye contact. He will approach you, especially for treats if he is behind a fence or gate but will rarely take them from your hands directly. He and his brother Henry, who is of a very similar personality, are inseparable and would ideally be adopted together and would need to stay in Spain close to the pound. They would like a home with land so they can wander as they please and get the exercise they need. We don't think these boys will ever fully trust people so need a home where they can just be themselves with no pressure.

genero:Macho raza:Cruce altura:58 cm peso:30 kg adulto Fecha nacimiento aproximada:04/2015(4 años, 5 meses) Fecha llegada:15/04/2016(3 años, 5 meses)



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