Argos - perro adopción Cruce - [ADOPTADO]

Argos llegó a la perrera en septiembre de 2019 y tenía aproximadamente 8 meses de edad a su llegada. El es un mestizo que

fue encontrada vagando por las calles y llevada a la perrera.


Argos arrived with 4 other very similar little dogs in the summer but unfortunately, they all became extremely sick and spent several weeks at the vet clinic. Unfortunately one little girl didn’t make it but the other 4 were returned to the pound. Two have been adopted in Spain but Argos and Dartacan are still looking for their forever homes. Argos has always been the most confident of the dogs, even though he is the youngest. He loves people and affection. He would make a wonderful family pet.

genero:Macho raza:Cruce altura:35 cm peso:10 kg cachorro Fecha nacimiento aproximada:02/2019(1 año, 4 meses) Fecha llegada:14/09/2019(9 meses, 25 días)




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