Kevin - perro adopción cruce Pastor Belga

Español / English ¡LANZA UNA BOLA PARA KEVIN Y ÉL TE AMARÁ PARA SIEMPRE! Kevin llegó a la perrera en enero de 2017 y tenía aproximadamente 3-4 años de edad al llegar. Él es un Malinois que fue encontrado vagando por las calles, presumiblemente abandonado... Kevin llegó a la perrera en un estado terrible con calvas y las orejas destrozadas, pobre muchacho. Los análisis de sangre mostraron que tenía altos niveles de leishmania por lo que ha sido tratado y ahora se ve fabuloso y es un niño mucho más feliz. Un pequeño problema que tenemos con Kevin es que simplemente no le gustan los perros machos. Ama a todas las hembras y comparte una jaula con varias, pero los machos no son de su agrado. Entonces Kevin está buscando un hogar sin otros perros o solo hembras y donde su nueva familia pasará todo el día lanzándole la pelota. Es su pasión absoluta y nunca se cansa de ir a buscar la pelota. También sería un compañero muy leal y amoroso si solo pudiéramos encontrarle ese hogar perfecto. Video 11/11-18: English: THROW A BALL FOR KEVIN AND HE WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER! Kevin arrived at the pound in January 2017 and was approximately 3-4 years old on arrival. He is a male Malinois who was found wandering the streets, presumably abandoned. Height: approximately 60cm Weight: approximately 30kg. Kevin arrived at the pound in a terrible state with bald patches and his ears in tatters, poor boy. Blood tests showed that he had high levels of leishmania for which he has been treated and now he looks fabulous and is a much happier boy. A slight problem we have with Kevin is that he just doesn’t like male dogs. He loves all females and shares a pen with several, but males are not to his liking. So Kevin is looking for a home with no other dogs or only females and where his new family will spend all day throwing the ball for him. It is his absolute passion and he never ever tires of fetching the ball. He would also be a very loyal and loving companion if only we can find him that perfect home. UPDATE JANUARY 2019: Kevin continues to wait for that family that will taking him on long walks and throw the ball for him. He still has his ball fixation as there isn't much else to focus on in the pound. His relationship with male dogs has now improved and he does have certain male dog friends but he woud still be best in an experienced home with only female dogs. He is a loyal and affectionate boy who would be open to training. It breaks our heart to see this boy so keen to be with humans and having fun, stuck in a cage for amost 24 hours a day. Could you be his saviour? Kevin is available for adoption in Germany, UK, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Spain and many other countries. Homecheck and adoption fee apply. Adoption fee includes neutering, passport, microchip, all vaccinations, blood tests to screen for diseases, worm and flea treatment.

genero:Macho raza:cruce Pastor Belga con Cruce altura:60 cm peso:30 kg adulto Fecha nacimiento aproximada:08/2013(5 años, 7 meses) Fecha llegada:10/01/2017(2 años, 2 meses)



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