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Español / English CUCA LE ENCANTA UN BESITO UN ABRAZO UNOS MIMOS Y ... ¡TODA LA ATENCIÓN QUE UNA PERSONA LE PUEDE DAR! Cuca fue encontrada en un estado extremadamente lamentable. Ella era un saco de huesos y fue increíble que hubiera sobrevivido así. Tan pronto como llegó a la perrera se dio cuenta de que su vida estaba a punto de cambiar y abrazó toda la atención que se le pudimos dar. A ella le encanta la gente y simplemente no puede tener suficiente de nuestra atención. Ella puede ser un poco mandona con algunos perros, así que necesitaría un dueño que esté preparado para entrenarla, pero estamos seguros de que ella vale la pena el esfuerzo. Todos los que la conocen se enamoran de ella. ¡Estamos seguros de que tú también te enamoraras! Video 28/5-18: English: CUCA LOVES A HUG AND A CUDDLE AND A STROKE AND….ANY ATTENTION A HUMAN WILL GIVE HER! Cuca arrived at the pound in October 2017 and was approximately 18 months old on arrival. She is a female crossbreed who was found wandering the streets presumably abandoned. Height: approximately 60cm Weight: approximately 35kg. Cuca was found in an extremely sorry state. She was skin and bones and it was incredible she had survived in that state. As soon as she arrived at the pound she realised her life was about to change and has embraced all the attention she has been given. She idolises people and just cannot get enough. She can be a bit bossy with some dogs so would need an experienced owner who is prepared to train her but we are certain she is worth the effort. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her. We are sure you will too! Here she is in her own video May 2018 UPDATE JANUARY 2019: Well Cuca has definitely made the most of the regular meals at the pound, and because she is an acrive dog and gets little exercise, she has put on lots of weight. She continues to be extremely loving and the best thing for her is when volunteers go into her patio when it's playtime. She would spend all of her time out cuddling if she could. She is an adorable girl and it's such a shame she never gets noticed. We hope thsi will b eher lucky year! Cuca is available for adoption in Germany, UK, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Spain and many other countries. Homecheck and adoption fee apply. Adoption fee includes neutering, passport, microchip, all vaccinations, blood tests to screen for diseases, worm and flea treatment.

genero:Hembra raza:Cruce altura:60 cm peso:35 kg adulto Fecha nacimiento aproximada:01/2016(3 años, 4 meses) Fecha llegada:16/10/2017(1 año, 6 meses)



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