BECCA - perro adopción Cruce

Español / English BECCA ES UNA CHICA HERMOSA Y CARIÑOSA Becca llegó a la perrera en noviembre de 2017 y tenía aproximadamente 18 meses de edad cuando llegó. Ella es un cruce de Pitbull que encontraron en la calle, supuestamente abandonada. Altura: aprox. 53 cm Peso: aprox. 22 kg Becca es una chica maravillosa que se parece mucho a una cachorra. Se lleva muy bien con otros perros y ama a la gente, especialmente cuando le rascan la barriguita. Ella también puede ser muy tranquila y gentil y no parece molestarse por nada. Se ha probado como se comporte con gatos donde vio un gato a través de una valla y no respondió en absoluto. Ella es una verdadera conejita a la que le encantaría acurrucarse en un sofá junto a su nueva mamá o papá. Quien adopte a esta belleza tendrá mucha suerte. English: BECCA IS A BEAUTIFUL, LOVING GIRL Becca arrived at the pound in November 2017 and was approximately 18 months old on arrival. She is a female Pitbull cross who was found wandering the streets, presumably abandoned. Height: approximately 53cm Weight: approximately 26kg Becca is a wonderful girl who is very puppy-like in appearance. She gets on very well with other dogs and loves people, especially when they give her tummy rubs. She can also be very calm and gentle and does not appear to be bothered by anything. She has had a brief cat test where she saw a cat through a fence and did not respond at all. She is a real cuddle bunny who would love to cuddle up on a sofa next to her new mum or dad. Whoever adopts this beauty will be very lucky. (Profile updated December 2017) UPDATE JANUARY 2019: Shortly after arriving Beca developed the most beautiful friendship with a dog called Robe. They were totally inseparable and woudl even share the smallest plasric bed. Rob has just been adopted and Becca has lost her protector and is feeling very sad and lost at the pound. She is a sociable girl who loves people and woudl also like a home of her own. Becca is only available for adoption in countries where Pitbulls are permitted. Homecheck and adoption fee apply. Adoption fee includes neutering, passport, microchip, all vaccinations, blood tests to screen for diseases, worm and flea treatment.

genero:Hembra raza:Cruce altura:53 cm peso:26 kg adulto Fecha nacimiento aproximada:05/2016(2 años, 9 meses) Fecha llegada:28/11/2017(1 año, 3 meses)



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